Mensana For Life creates products and pathways to improve men’s wellbeing through physical activity and social connectivity.

Mensana has been listening to the testimony of (too many) men’s struggles with wellbeing and recognising the undeniable challenges that confront all men. Men are less healthy but living longer than ever.

Mensana is a passionate and focused team committed to fun and innovative solutions to the problem. There are plenty of Apps that connect people, and plenty of fitness and diet apps, but only Mensana brings socialising and wellbeing together to make it fun. Mensana For Life is about building an extended and accessible community of like-minded men.

Working with scientific research from the experts, and from a deep personal connection to the task, Mensana is the key to improving men’s wellbeing and improving the wellbeing of our whole society.

The Path Forward

Mensana knows change is hard. We are all at different points along the journey of becoming better versions of ourselves.

No matter where we’re at, one common thread connects us: We all want and need to improve our wellbeing.

Our greatest challenge is our greatest possibility.

Mensana Products

We’re delivering on our mission through intuitive, innovative and engaging digital products.

Our first app will inspire and enable men to make positive changes. We call it, Greg.

Greg can help members get off the couch, get fit, connect and have fun with mates, buy a gift, try something new, book that trip away, get some advice, or reach out on a tough day.

Visit Greg.

Contact Mensana

We’re about open communication, after all it’s part of our mission. Feel free to reach out so we can get connected.

Mensana For Life Pty Ltd

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